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Ep. 10 Deep Thoughts

A Q&A with Jin-Do

Ven goes and speaks to Korvos. Soreth has given back the droid brain. Chorr offers that he saw in a vision that the site was important because of the Force, and something major happened there. Akura brings the droid body to the common area. Korvos thanks him for the body and brain and is going to try repair him.  Chorr asks why are they returning to Corellia, but the crew makes a good reasoning that the professor, Anto, gave them Khyber crystals.


Chorr asks about the Acolytes of the Beyond. Korvos knows nothing. Donk stares at Korvos. The gang arrives at Correlia. Tondigo goes looking for a book about the Jedi. Gets mostly a Late Republic propaganda piece. He starts reading slowly.  We go to Davaron.  They go to speak to Jin-Do and relate the force sensitive Tuskan story. 


Soreth goes and speaks to the Devoronians asking about Grimnoc.  Chorr takes Jin-Do aside and asks about whether Darth Vader is actually dead. Jin-do is sure that Vader is dead. He inquires about Chorr's contact with the Acolytes. Everyone kind of explores the improving camps. There are strange patterns etched into the floor.  Akura comes and talks to Tondigo, who is reading his book. Tondigo expresses doubt about his place in this Jedi world. He doesn't feel like he is doing the right things.


Question: What have I learned about myself and the universe, what have I learned about the Force, what has changed me?


Ven realizes that the world is not black and white. He realizes the shades of gray change everything. He realizes the universe is filled with sighs…and big.   The Universe is filled with injustice and one doesn't trump another. The Force is faceless, a force that has no direction, but moved by those who use it. You can grow in the Force but the force doesn't grow inside people. You have to seek outside. People are the answer, but the Force allows them to get a better result. The force is a tool to use.


Tondigo- realizes he has been chosen to help people, but he doesn't yet know how he is going to do that. The galaxy is chaotic and Tondigo has a lever, but the lever is too short to effect change.  Faith and Doubt.   It has given me something to aspire too, but I fear I am screwing it up.


Soreth- has developed his power, but realizes that his view on conflict is too influenced by his time in the Galactic Civil War.  No one situation in the universe is unique. It has lead him to look beyond himself.


Asana realizes that she looks at things from one view point only. She is trying to explore the larger galaxy, but she holds onto one vision, a narrow-minded viewpoint. She recognizes that she is too bullheaded to change her views. The universe has sides, and people change sides. She doesn't like that people are required to straddle lines. The force is like a river, and she shall stand firm in it. She feels she is making decisions for herself. She sees the doorways, but is unable to move past it.


Dosklen is glad to have joined this venture, because it showed him that he is not constrained to his past self. He feels that our mistakes have been inadequacies in his leadership. He realizes the universe moves without him. The Force seems to have an attitude, a personality. Things don't seem random. He has become more thankful and trusting.


Chorr feels trapped by the past, the present, and sometimes he takes actions just to get out of that feeling. He feels like he is being pulled by forces outside of his control; he is the pawn rather than the Queen. Chorr becomes less of a narcissist and realizes that other people have feelings.  The universe is big and filled with diversity which he has met.  Conflict is everywhere. Even with the Empire gone, and oppression is everywhere. Chorr feels the force and he wants to follow.  The Force has given him a power to use, but he feels he must use it for something.


Akura realizes that he must be more engaged in the universe. He needs to step outside the shadow/obverse of Asana's decision. He has become less timid and more action oriented. He feels the universe has forced him to re-examine the allegiances and factions people are forced to choose. The force is a gift and a privileged, guiding him. He shouldn't resist it. He must be his own person to be in the Force, in life.


Q&A with Jin-Do


  1. Tondigo: How do I use a lightsaber?  It is a weapon, but it also be used to deflect, to cut to shield. It is a badge, a symbol of his office, and it is a more dangerous way to wield it.
  2. Ven: How to best use the force? When I figure that out, I will let you know. Each of us use the Force differently.
  3. Asana: How to distinguish when the force is calling to you? Give it time, and the force will not become a tool, but a part of yourself.  What is the breadth of the Force? Don't look at what you can do with the Force, but what the Force can do with you. It is less about moving rocks, manipulating others, or. When you need the force, you call on it, but when the force calls for you, you ignore it.  That is not a rebuke.  :::Jin-do launches all the rubble up into the air, holds it a meter up, then puts it all back down::: J: Why did I do that? A: I have no answer. J: I do not want to lord it over you, but to inspire you. I don't want to teach you how to lift rocks, but when to lift rocks.
  4. Akura: When is it acceptable to take life? I don't know if there is a hard and fast rule. If you can avoid it, do so. I have seen great darkness and great light, and those things change after taking a life. We should attempt to achieve balance, which can be better achieved without extinguishing life.
  5. Soreth: How can both you and Kisa both exist if we are looking to achieve balance? J: There will be a conflict. I hope to never see another galactic conflagration, but there will be conflict.
  6. Dosklen: What should we do if we encounter the Acolytes? Chorr: What is their purpose? J: That is what troubles me. Right now, they are scavengers. But what should you do if you find them? Defend yourselves, defend others, but don't attack them.
  7. Chorr: Should we look into what they are doing? J: Are you ready for that task? I mean no insult, but I worry. I will consult with Master Skywalker.  We should not go on a crusade against the darkness.  They seem to get violent when they want something, an artifact, a tome, etc.  Dosklen: We know all possess an artifact they would want. J: That is true. Defend the artifact
  8. Dosklen: You said you wanted us to train. Should we stay here? J: One of the reasons I have sent you off planet was to train you. I don't know if you can achieve your full potential by staying here.


A couple of days pass with the following incidents:

Soreth wants to find Grimnoc. He asks Chorr to go with him.


Dosklen and Tondigo spar. Tondigo gets an early advantage, defensively while scoring hits. Dos teaches Tondigo some defense and inspires him to think differently about combat. Then Dosklen bonks Tondigo in the head with the middle hilt of his lightsaber.


Soreth goes to Grimroc (See Adventure 2, trusty readers!). They find him and both sides apologize for the fiasco that happened. Grimroc offers his help. Chorr tells Soreth about some of his contacts with the Acolytes. Chorr says there is no place for the Empire in the universe, but the chaos is everywhere. There must be some element of control. Soreth thought that Chorr was only for himself, but now Soreth sees him differently.  Chorr thanks him for the opportunity to have the conversation.


Asana and Akura are sparring and having a conversation. Akura gets the initial hit. Asana asks "Have I changed?" Akura: "If you have, it has not been in the right direction." Asana: "I know the crystals.." :::exchange of blows:::

Akura hits again. Akura has the advantage. "I know we have different viewpoints on the force, but you stand more with Kisa." ::exchange of blows:: Asana: "I have changed, but not for the better?"  exchange of blows.

(no hits) Asana: "You do not seek the power to change the state of the universe?" Akura: "I do not." :::exchange of blows:::

Asana hits. Akura: "The force is here to guide us to help make people have better lives. To force yourself against the river is to seek power for yourself." Asana: "You are saying that you have the right view point. I have the wrong viewpoint"

(both reach six success at the same time) Saber and whip locks up. Asana comes in with a spinning whip, which wraps around the light saber. Their fight causes a major dent in their relationship. Akura: "Your view leads only to darkness." Asana: "Well, at least I have a view point!"


Jin-do: I know you have a lot on your mind, but we need a computer tech to help us get this set up going. I have a lead on a technician but he is currently deployed on Vujin. The planet is near lifeless, constantly doused with torrential acid rain. The Empire was rumored to keep black sites on this planet, utilizing the acid rain to their advantage. We are looking for a droid named Slimore.


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