Jin-Do's DoJo

Moments of Clarity

A Sibling Rivalry Born(?)


We finally got back from Tatooine.  And we are back on Devaron.  

The temple is coming along nicely.

I now have my own quarters.  So that's nice.  I guess…

Some words….are just not adequate.

I'm more than just mad!

What was he thinking!?


How could he say that?

How did it come to this?

It has to be that Jin-Dos fault!

We haven't been opposed on anything until we came to this planet!

He used to look up to me!

But now!

Now he follows that cripple!  That blind-man who spouts out philosophies without practice! 


So…now what does that say about me?

What does that say about my brother?


Once we got back, Jin-Do had us "soul search."

We were asked three questions, and ultimately the final question.  We were asked if we had changed.

I thought about this last question a lot. 

So, I wanted to see if Akura noticed if I changed.  We hadn't talked together in a while. And we needed to practice with our new weapons.

So we started sparring.  Kill two mynocks with one asteroid, you know.  So, we sparred and I asked him my question.

And he just spouted the master's words.  He claims that I am going down to darkness.  

But didn't the force choose both of us?  Didn't it give us this power?  To do good with?

Should we not help guide the river?  We both give and take from the river, right?  Can we not give it a course to flow down?  

But he just…Akura just condemned me. 

Just like that.

He said that I was heading down the wrong path, as if he were the voice of the force itself!  He said that I was going to darkness, all because he has begun to blindly follow the blind!

He may now view things differently than I, but he is my brother.

Why couldn't he listen before just called me lost?  

Why did he have to hurt me?


Oogy spencerbmore

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